Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1st Status Update

Well, we have received our first status update on how many times our profile has been shown to birth moms. Here is what our case worker emailed us on October 8th:

"Here is your September status update: 9/14 ~ Racquel: hasn't chosen a family yet; 9/15 ~ Ester: matches with a family; 9/15 ~ Evi: hasn't chosen a family yet; 9/17 ~ Blanca: hasn't chosen a family yet; 9/29 ~ Samantha: hasn't chosen a family yet; 9/29 ~ Kim: hasn't chosen a family yet"

Now keep in mind, our caseworker received our profiles (birth mother letters) on September in 3 weeks we were shown to 6 birth mothers. We feel that is a good start!!

We are in the Home Study stage now. Our first home study step is to gather all our required paperwork, then we will have our home study case worker come and visit us in our home.