Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5th Status Update & a Crib!!

Well, we have received our 5th monthly status update:

2/4 ~ Marta: Matched with a Family

We were only able to be presented to 1 BM due to the fact we ran out of profiles. Like I said in the Feb 17th blog, we ordered 15 more profiles to be printed. AdoptHelp has received them and we are good to go...hopefully we won't need to print anymore (it's kinda spendy).

We bought our crib tonight!! I have been kicking myself for the last 2 weeks that I didn't buy "the" crib when I had a chance (it was regular priced $529 @ JC Penny, then went on sale for $349, THEN went to closeout sale of $279....and I waited to buy.....now it's clearanced out, for good) =0(
Then I heard about this local baby boutique store (The Baby Daily) that is going out of business (actually closing their doors on Saturday) and I dragged, err, I mean brought Dan with me to check out what they had and how great the sale was, since it was a boutique-type store I was pretty skeptical of the pricing. We found a crib that was displayed (which was only a display for less than a week due to the fact they are clearing out their warehouse)!! We purchased the Bonavita Hudson Lifestyle crib in chocolate!! Dan is picking it up tomorrow after work...best part, he won't really have to put it together!! Here is a picture of what it looks like...I will post what it looks like in the nursery later.


And here it is.....the crib in the nursery!! =0)

I hope this blog finds you happy and well!! Even though we need all the happy positive thoughts we can get to have our lil' Locklear find us.....we'd like to share those positive thoughts and send them to those who need it more than us (You know who you are)!! HUGS!!