Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Letter update and Nursery ideas

Many of you have been asking about our letter....it's going GREAT but on hold. I'm struggling with the Photoshop program, so until I can get 1 of my fabulous friends to come help me...it'll sit unfinished. =0)

Since I have quite a bit of free time (haha), I've been researching uni-sex nurseries. Why uni-sex?? Most birthmoms will not find out the sex of the baby they are giving up since it can be an attatchment issue....so most adoptive parents won't know the sex of their baby until the baby is born. I have to say that, this day in age, MOST people find out the sex of the baby and so that means that MOST of the nursery ideas are specific to a boy or girl....it's been hard to find good ideas for greens and yellows. I've found a couple of different ideas that we like. Take a look and let me know what you think.

This is our #1 favorite idea - Color and all
My 2nd choice, not Dan's - The color combo of yellow and black & white

I thought this was cute and different...but not sure if it's uni-sex enough


  1. These are all cute! I like the top one best for uni-sex. The middle one is adorable but screams girl. The last one looks girly because of the purple stripes but if you just kept those white and the main color green or yellow then you have a uni-sex room and it would be easy to incorporate pink or blue once you know. This is fun.....give me more. :)


  2. Love love the top one...you are going to let me help when it comes to all of this fun decorating right :)

  3. I saw some very nice light brown nursery's that would be easy to add to once the babay arrives. A nice cocoa and white- Teddy bears? Just an Idea. What ever you choose it will be perfect!