Monday, January 10, 2011

4th Status Update

Well, we just received our 4th status update (for the month of Dec) and we are still getting a good amount of interest so...YAY!!

Here's our status update:
12/2 - Amber: hasn't chosen a family; 12/2 - Erin: hasn't chosen a family; 12/2 - Diane: hasn't chosen a family; 12/3 - Elaine: hasn't chosen a family; 12/14 - Leonore: "has fallen off the radar"; 12/30 - Stacey: matched with a family

Although we are bummed that we are still waiting, I keep reminding myself (along with my mother, Miss Vicki) that it will happen when the universe deems it right....Miss Vicki has been a great sounding board through this experience. I love the way her face (and my dad's face) lights up when they talk about my adoption story....they were out of town and "back then" there were no cell phones so they were out of touch, finally they were reached and overjoyed. My parents tell me that adoption was so different back then....they got to see me right after I was born and then had to WAIT THREE MONTHS until I could come home to about learning the value of patience...LOL!! Well, as mom and dad remind me of my adoption story, I look at Dan and I and think....WE CAN DO THIS!!

I know I say it in about every post I post BUT....THANK YOU so much for being so supportive in our journey to our family!!

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