Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nursery Update!!

Well, here is an update to the Nursery!! Like I'd said before…we wanted to keep the main color gender neutral so when we find out the gender of our sweet bundle of joy all we have to do is add accent color!! So, take a look at the room so far (of course we will replace the twin bed with the crib once we purchase it).

Dan built the built-in cabinets (the bottom portion will have doors and he is currently working on finishing the shelves), the board & batten, aka wainscoating which has a 4 inch shelf instead of the typical chair rail (we also place the shelf higher than a normal chair rail), and the crown molding (which we copied this idea from a friend – we placed the molding about 2 inches below the ceiling and then place dimmable rope lighting inside for ambiance and a "night light"). I did all the painting…which included base color, measuring, drawing and taping off all the lines and the touch-up (which is not fun).

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  1. Love it!!! If you have room you might want to keep the twin bed for all those late nights. That's what we did and I think it will help instead of walking back and forth down the hall. Hope you get to fill it soon. :-) J