Thursday, August 19, 2010

Babies are EXPENSIVE!!

Ok, ok....I've always known that having a baby is expensive....BUT I didn't realize how much it cost just to get the nursery ready to go minus the painting. Dan and I went to Babies R Us today for the 1st time EVER!! I've been there to buy gifts but being in there with Dan and shopping for our baby...way too surreal!! Let's just say I was beaming!! We initially went there to look at furniture. Dan wanted to explore what types of styles there are and what the cost is. It was a fun experience and I look forward to more trips to Babies R Us and wherever else to buy our baby supplies. The furniture set (a crib and dresser/changer combo) we loved, cost in the range of $1000 - $1200...EEKKK!! Soooo, since I'm "working from home" I'm researching crib recalls, crib reviews and cheaper places to buy!!

UPDATE on Journey:
We are in the process of having our birthmother letter printed @ a professional printer. Once they are finished we will mail it off to AdoptHelp. We are also working on who to contact for our Home Study.


  1. Best advice is don't ever buy something there that isn't on sale or with a coupon. They have a big sale coming up on the 27th with a trade in, bring in an older item (think a $5.00 car seat from a garage sale) and get a voucher for 25% of any one item you wish to use it on in the entire store... what a deal right! Make sure you are on their mailing list so you can get those coupon deals and have fun! :D

  2. Great advice Sarah! Kris and I have registered at, Babies R Us and Motherhood (they send all sorts of coupons). I don't know if you have one of these around you, but you may want to see if you can find one:

    A lot of there stuff is either gently used or new with tags still on it (it's amazing how much stuff people buy and never get a chance to use for their kids). Kris and I are going to start painting once the interior designer comes with suggested colors (we're repainting the entire house) and the nice thing is; we pay her $75, she chooses all colors for the entire house and we paint. Not a bad deal since I suck at colors and Kris painted before we bought furniture (nothing matches now). :o)

    Anyhow; call if you need anything!

    A couple other great places to sign up for:

    Hope all is going well!