Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well, our birth mother letters (30 to be exact) are printed and mailed off TODAY!! Once AdoptHelp recieves them we are on to our next step.
In the meantime, I have researched who in the state of Idaho and locally is the cheapest to provide our home study. A home study is basically when a social worker deems us fit to be adoptive seems simple but the paperwork is CrAzY!! The social worker told me that on average, most people complete their home studies within 60-90 days...WOWZERS!! It's a good thing I'm "working from home" to get it completed faster. My goal is completing it no later than 45 days from application. The first thing we have to do is apply for the home study which costs ($150 for the app and then an addl $950 for the completion of the home study). Eeeekkk! Good thing I had over 10 yrs in the banking industry to be knowledgable enough in managing finances...LOL!!
Also....since we are waiting for "The Call" ("the call" is where we get a call from our firm telling us that we are being presented to a birthmom and we have been picked)...we need to get the nursery complete (decor wise, not furniture). I kinda dropped the ball with the stripes. I started a section and then quit, here's what it looks like:
It's only a 3 foot section vertically....I did it to test the colors and decided, I didn't like it. I had a couple of people tell me that I was acting like a pregnant lady with my indecisiveness....LOL!! So, we are still doing stripes just in a different fashion. I'm so excited to get it started and hopefully finished in the next few personal deadline is my birthday (Sept 28th)! We'll see how I do on that timeline...LOL!!

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