Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Status Update for Nov & Dec

Hi all!! I'm sure you probably think I forgot all about my blog....well, that's not entirely true. As most of you know, I (Becca) started my new job November 2nd and just haven't had the energy to get on the computer...so guess I better update you, huh?!?

2nd Profile Update ~ 10/5 - Christina (matched w/a family); 10/12 - Kim (hasn't chosen a family as of Nov 10th); 10/13 - Laura (matched w/a family); 10/13 - Amelia (matched w/a family); 10/13 - Cherice (hasn't chosen a family as of Nov 10th); 10/27 - Crystal (matched w/a family); 10/27 - Jessica (hasn't chosen a family as of Nov 10th); 10/27 - Catherine (matches w/a family).
Again, we were picked beginning of Nov (see blog entry: Decisions, Decisions...DECISIONS).

3rd Profile Update ~ 11/30 - Laura (hasn't chosen a family as of Dec 8th); 11/30 - Amanda (matched w/a family)
We were actually picked again.....(please see blog entry: Emotional Roller Coaster)

We had our Home Study visit last Sunday and it was...um, interesting to say the least. BUT it went GREAT!! We have to finish up some of our paperwork and then it will be COMPLETE!! Another thing that will be complete.....is the NURSERY!! We have worked so hard on it and can't wait to show you our creation for our lil' Locklear!!

Well, now that I've updated you....I hope your holidays were filled with love, laughter and joy!! I wish you all happiness, peace and prosperity in the New Year!!

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