Tuesday, April 12, 2011

6th Status Update & Approved!!

Well, here it is almost mid-April which means it's been 6 months since we've started to be presented to BMs. We haven't heard anything more than a peep since right after New Years from any BMs....which has been really difficult to endure. BUT we are excited that Summer is coming because we have a ton of activities planned, starting with this weekend: Going on the Yakima Valley Spring Wine Barrel Tasting Tour!! We pretty much have atleast 1 trip (mostly small, local trips) planned each month. I hear that our "CALL" will come when we least expect it....so here's to keeping our minds busy with travels!!

As far as being presented, we were presented to 5 BMs: 3/16 ~ S: Hasn't chosen a family yet; 3/18 ~ T: Has fallen off the radar; 3/25 ~ N: Hasn't chosen a family yet; 3/29 ~ S: Hasn't chosen a family yet; 3/30 ~ D: Hasn't chosen a family yet.
Hopefully one of these selfless ladies will choose us to parent their child. We are so so ready to be parents!! Dan has been mentioning (every time we are around any baby/child) that he's so ready.....it still stings to hear those words since I am uable to have any control over making that dream a reality for him...BUT I have learned (through wonderful friendships and support) that it's NOT my fault, as much as I really feel it is, that we don't not have a baby yet. A big HUGE THANKS to my support system (YOU know who your are)!!! You've helped me in ways that a blogged/written/spoken "thanks" is not enough to show my appreciation.

On another note, we recieved our Home Study back and BIG SURPRISE......we were APPROVED!! LOL!! We will be sending that over to AdoptHelp to add to our file. That way we will be presented to BMs who are further along in their final trimester. That last few BMs that we were presented to had between 4-8 weeks left in their pregnancy, so that should give you an idea of "earlier".

I wish my readers well and thanks for following along in our journey!!


  1. Oh my sweetie my heart just did a flip for you! Now all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. I cannot wait to be and "auntie" and see you both as parents. I love u both so much and life wouldn't ever be the same without you!

  2. So proud of you! I think Dan thinks the same thing you do, I know just from how you talk about him, that he meant well w/ that statement. I bet he is ready for a Mom to be the perfect match and so all of these ups and downs can come to a middle ground . You guys are so patient, and this stuff isn't as easy as people think. Keep up your fight and I know things will fall into place in/at the right timing. <3 love ya lady!

  3. If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere. ~Frank A. Clark

    xoxo chelle

  4. So exciting to be approved.... I am so happy for you guys :-) J

  5. Becca, congrats on getting your home study done. We were also with AH, and we were picked about 3 weeks after the home study was done (several months after being live with AH)- so I hope you also get a quick new match and that this one is a fit for all involved. PS - I am also an adult adoptee - so we have a few things in common. :-)