Thursday, April 21, 2011

TV Shows & Positive JuJu!!

So tonight I thought I would catch up on my DVR shows that Dan isn't fond of since he was busy in the office. So I chose to watch One Tree Hill and Parenthood (don't judge, I have several guilty pleasure shows)...LOL, well...I chose the wrong episodes to catch up on. The One Tree Hill episode was the one where 1 of the couples are in the process of adoption and their BM going into labor and they are waiting at the hospital and being a support system for the BM during her labor. **Spoiler Alert - if you watch this show and haven't seen this episode, don't read on cause I give it away** Also while this couple is waiting for their BM to delivery, their friends are at the same hospital delivering their baby. It ends up where the BM's boyfriend showed up during the delivery to "step up as the father" which causes the BM to change her mind on adoption......this FREAKS the HELL out of me!!! Then when their friends had their baby (& by the way the friends didn't know about the BM delivery let alone the change of heart), the couple meet the friends baby and when she went to hold it it was just too much for me....I was bawling, while cooking dinner, and started to think about when our time comes to meet our baby, is the BM going to change her mind?!? Oh mind is racing....To focus my mind on something else I decided to watch Parenthood. WELL....apparently 1 of the female characters is TTC for her 2nd child with her husband, she went to her dr to make sure everything was fine to concieve....well it turns out, she CAN'T concieve...WOW, hit another soft spot, once again crying (this time while eating dinner, but luckily I had Dan here to console me). Oh man, emotions are roll'n crazy tonight.

We may be 6 months in waiting BUT I feel very blessed with the overwhelming amount of support we have recieved!! I know I've said it before and I will continue to say it...THANK YOU for your support!! It truely means the world to us!! I have also found an amazing group of women who are going or who has been through this same process to "lean on". This support group of ladies may be a virtual group BUT I feel like they are always close by and willing to listen and help me understand the feelings in which we are going through!! THANKS ladies!! ;0)

Even though it's rough waiting, I look forward to when the time comes when we get to hold our baby for the 1st time, name our baby and bring our baby home!! This excitement bring us such joy and positive "juju" (yes, that's a technical term...LOL!!) for us to continue on our course to growing our family through has helped our focus so much that we've even discuss that we are going to do the 2nd time around...LOL!! Ahhh, can't wait!! =0)


  1. You sent me all your good ju-ju for Robi's cancer treatments...I am officially sending it back to you both! The ju-ju helped him kick cancer's ass and now it can go back to bringing you your baby. We love you both so much!
    ~Krista & Robi

  2. FRom the " virtual page " but finally checking out your blog! Love it all!

    my blog is we were also with AH :)