Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This JuJu thing really WORKS!!

So this week and last week I have been crazy busy at work, I have been working overtime due to training a new hire for one of our branches....and then Wednesday evening happened!! I recieved this call from Meredith (I was actually still at work). She is with AdoptHelp....I was instantly excited when she announced who was calling!! She told us that we have been chosen by a BM and that she would like to send us the information to review. Of course I was jumping up and down and practically screaming YES!! As soon as we hung up I called Dan, who was also still at work. He was overjoyed too!!

We both quickly finished up our work and raced home to read the BM's info. The BM info was AWESOME!! She is a 20 yr old Hispanic living in AZ. She has 1 child who just turned 1 this year with a different father (who knows about the adoption but doesn't want to father a child yet). She is in great health and has been taking great care of herself during her pregnancy. The baby daddy is 1/2 Caucasian 1/4 Filipino and 1/4 Korean....I know what you're will look like US!! LOL!! BM wants to have a C-Section because she feels she will be less attatched to the baby at birth. Some of our mommy friends have agreed. She is cute and so super excited to give us a family!! We spoke to her on the phone on Friday night and it was truely amazing!! She was nervous (so were we) but you could tell she was smiling ear-to-ear. Her personality is shy but I can detect a sweet and fun loving side as well. She made me tear up several times with these statements: "this baby is yours" "don't be worried about me changing my mind, cause I'm not" "it's your choice cause this baby is yours" !! I was floored when she kept assuring us that this is our baby and that she wont' change her mind. Did she read my last blog post...LOL!! Anyway, after our phone call with her, we KNEW she was the one who was going to give us our lil' Locklear!! The 2 BEST details: it's a GIRL and she is due May 12th!!

May 12th is only 2 weeks away and that is her actual due date not her c-section date (still waiting on that date). So chances are pretty high we could have Miss baby Locklear in our arms next week!! *tear* *tear*

Here is our first "picture" of her:

So at this time we are planning like CrAzY!!! We are scheduling time off work, talking about what we need to get done before we leave to AZ to pick her up, we are researching daycares & peds drs and we are creating a list of names for her!! I'm so excited for this that I can't sleep at night...guess this will help prep me a little for the late night feedings...LOL!!

Now onto the legalities of the situation: AZ state law is that the BM can not sign away her rights until 72 hrs after birth. The reason for that is they don't want the BM making legal decisions while on meds/pain killers/whatever....which is pretty typical. Once the 72 hrs are up and she signs the papers we will get a call saying Miss baby Locklear is OURS and we can take her home!! Which means she can still change her mind until she signs her rights away...which will be the L.O.N.G.E.S.T wait E.V.E.R!! The adoption will not be finalized in ID until we recieve a judical consent, meaning a Judge has to sign off on the adoption first. So once we get home we have to wait until we can get into court and appear before the Judge...our estimate wait time for that here in ID is 60 days, give or take.

SO, thank you again for ALL your support thru this glorious journey of ours!! We are so excited to become parents and grow our family through adoption!!


  1. I'm thrilled for you guys....I can already tell that she is gorgeous!!

  2. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. So excited for you guys! I can't wait to meet her and to see you two as parents.

  4. Wow!!! What a process!!! You guys are so amazing!!! Praying for everything to go just smoothly!! Congratulations!!! xoxo


  5. BECCA!!!!!! OMG sooooooo excited for you friend! Congratulations and MANY MANY BLESSINGS!! Welcome baby Locklear!!

  6. Becca I am so excited for you and Dan. Can't wait to meet her!!